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Questions to ask yourself?

"Are you planning to play games on the computer?" and "What programs do you need to use?" Are just two important questions that need answering to ensure your new system or network is precisely the way you want.  We'll make sure you get the system or network solution you need without overwhelming you with a string of “Computer Lingo” that often is more confusing than enlightening. All services are outlined on our home page although listed below are some of them in detail.


Custom Build PCs

We build state of the art computers for true gamers and high end users.  We use high-end parts that major manufacturers rarely use or overcharge the end user.  We make our computers with better components for less.  Contact us for a quote or send a message under the contact page.  Tell us what you have seen, what you would like to use your computer for and what you would like the machine to handle.

Web Design

Every website is an information display container, just as a book is a container; and every web page is like the page in a book. However, web design uses a framework based on digital code along with text and images. Web design is undoubtedly the most sophisticated and increasingly complex method to support communication in today's world.

For the typical web sites, the basic aspects of design are:

1.  The content

2.  The usability A.K.A (user-friendly)

3.  The appearance

4.  The visibility

5.  Mobile App (NEW)

Let us know what your ideas are and will discuss how we can make them happen.
We look forward to working with you to provide affordable and professional solutions that will help your computing experience become more successful.


In House/On site Repair

Our In-house technicians are of the same high caliber as our field technicians. When bringing your system in for repair, you can expect results in a timely fashion, as we work to get your workstation, laptop, or other device back to you as quickly as possible.


There are many different kinds of Computers/laptops/Servers available. Each is geared towards a specific type of user. For example, there are powerful models aimed at gamers. Or there are thin and light laptops aimed at frequent travelers. You also could own a business and need a server to store all company data. So it helps to think about how you intend to use you device.
  For those people who are just getting started with computers it can be over-whelming and you probably don't need anything too fancy.  You will want to surf the internet, stay connected with your family and friends and possibly do some online shopping, save some documents and even save those digital picture!

   These are just some of the areas to look at when buying a computer. There is a computer for everyone's budget.

   There are lots of things to think about when buying a PC/Laptop/Server even if its your first time or if you're an existing buyer.  Let Double Click Computers & Design sit with you, find out exactly what your looking for and make your experience more at ease and enjoyable.


Learn what you need to do, on your own computer, at your location, at your pace.  Our private one-on-one tutoring service is the best way to master the computer skills you want.  Price for one-on-one tutoring will vary in price depending on location.  We offer a wide variety of program we can teach.​

Remote Support

Remote support is the term commonly used to describe IT tools, or services, or software that enable our IT technicians or any kind of support representative to connect to a remote computer from our consoles via the Internet and work directly in the remote technological system. Although its main focus is the access to computers located anywhere in the world,the remote support applications also provide features like file transfer, desktop sharing, file synchronization, Command Lines or guest accessibility.

This service is not for all cases but is available if needed.

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