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The question, “Can you fix my computer?” has never been answered so simply. Whether you’ve been searching for a solution to remove spyware, or you’ve been struggling with a virus, our computer support offers a simple, effective and convenient solution to all of your most difficult technical issues.​

Welcome to Double Click Computer & Design, a fully Canadian based provider of computer tech support and services! both for home users and the small business customer. We are your one-stop shop for virus removal, spyware removal as well as a general tech support service. Our technicians will make it easy for you, utilizing many form of support from in house support as well as remote computer support which allows you to sit back and relax while we fix your computer. No need for opening your home to anyone or to take your computer anywhere. In addition to our technical support we offer many services including ​

Networking - Home office/business, PC support & Installation
• PC Repairs
• Website Design
• Remote Support
• Hard drive back up & Data Recovery
• IT Consulting
• In House Tutoring & Training
• IT Solutions
• Business Card, Logo & Flyer Design
• Internet Security


Have you ever said to yourself, “I just want someone to fix my computer the right way, the first time?" Or maybe you’ve asked, “How do I remove spyware and viruses?” Well, we have you covered. Double Click takes a very detailed and complete approach to the virus removal process. We take the time to ensure that all instances of the infection are removed so it does not return. We understand how to install, configure and troubleshoot issues so we can ensure that your technology is working to its fullest. If you think your computer can you use a speed boost, call us about us for assistance or schedule an appointment .


We strive to provide a quality service, all in the comfort of your home, with no intrusion on your privacy or your time. It’s what we do, and we are sure we can provide you with the best quality tech support and customer service.

Double Click Computers & Design made its way to the IT technology world back in 2010 and has been expanding its wide range of services and knowledge base along the way. Degrees and 10+ year works experience in the industry has been helpful and networking with many knowledgeable people in the industry also makes us an asset to work with. 

When push comes to shove, our clients really want someone who they can trust a and who they can call to have their issue resolved for a reasonable price. No additional fees, or any other hidden fees, just one simple flat rate which we have been accomplished thus far and continue to do so.

We also understand that technology can be challenging at times and we want to assure our customers and potential customers that we are here to listen to you.


Check out our Service page as well or contact us for assistance.


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